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Welcome to Books for Life Today.
Here you can buy books that will help you live longer on this earth and for ever in the new earth to come!
Natalie Parsons comes from a broken home and has been fostered with a strictly religious family since she was eight. She longs for the freedom of life as a geophysics student at Edinburgh University, but once lectures begin the idea that the universe was a meaningless accident reinforces her own lack of self-worth. Longing for love, she drifts ever deeper into sex and drink until a supernatural encounter with God rescues her from disaster and the broken pieces of her life come together in a way she could never have imagined.
Listen to an extract from the audio version!
This  is a great book for those getting ready to leave home and head for university. It makes you  think about what really matters when pressures come from every angle. Amazon reviewer. Buy your copy now!
ISBN 978-1-9736-3021-0
Paperback 316 pp. £19.95 £17.95 + FREE UK delivery.
In stock. Usually dispatched within two working days.
Does God exist? Will Jesus Christ really return?
What does the future hold for you and the planet?
Amazing radio interview!

US radio presenter Al Cole invited author Arnold V Page to be a guest on his programme "People of Distinction" on February 20th 2020.
It was broadcast via Apple Inc’s iTunes Radio Network under their News/Talk provision, featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, C-Span & BBC, with a potential audience of 23 million listeners. Afterwards Al Cole expressed his appreciation to Arnold for giving 'an outstanding interview'.
On Saturday February 6th 2021 this was the Onlinebookclub's "Book of the Day".
30 March 2020 by Arnold V Page
ISBN 978-1-64753-299-4
Paperback 167 pp. £8.49 + FREE UK delivery.
In stock. Usually dispatched within two working days.
Did God really make us, and if so, why?
A highly original defence of the truth of the Bible.
29 Aug 2018 by Arnold V Page
ISBN 978-1-9736-3023-4
Paperback 206pp. £14.95 £12.95 + FREE UK delivery.
Usually dispatched within two working days.
Could everything have begun only 6000 years ago? What about fossils and ancient trees?
Will the present Earth be replaced when it wears out? Can we really live for ever?
August 2018 by Arnold V Page
ISBN 978-1-78364-447-6
Paperback 48 pp. £3.00 + FREE UK delivery. In stock. Normally dispatched within 2 working days.
What will happen to unbelievers in Christ or the wicked when they die? What does the Bible really say?
Buy both Z Generation books together and save an additional £2.
Learn where the world came from, where it's going,
and how you can have a place in God's amazing plan!
Digital book by Arnold V Page, published April 2020.
21 simple Bible studies for people who want to follow Jesus Christ. Suitable for 8 to 88 year-olds! Learn why Jesus came, how to join his kingdom here and now, and how to live with him for ever in the new earth God has promised to make.
Epub version or Mobi version, only 99p.
PDF version - may be read on any device or printed out multiple times so that you and your children can fill the answers in. Only £1.99.
25 January 2015 by Arnold V Page
ISBN 978-1-78507-177-5
Paperback 318 pp. £14.99 £12.99 + FREE UK delivery. In stock. Normally dispatched within 2 working days.
Lose weight without feeling hungry. Defeat obesity, CHD and Type 2 diabetes. Enjoy the natural food your body was made for.
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