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After obtaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1963 I completed a graduate apprenticeship at Vickers Armstrong near Swindon. In 1965 I married my lovely wife Ann, whom I had met as a history student while we were at Bristol University. Responding to what I believed was a call from God to the Methodist ministry, I returned to university and obtained a second degree in Theology, specializing in Comparative Religion at King's College, London.

I spent the first half of my working life as a Methodist Minister, mainly in rural England but also for 18 months in Chile on the shores of the Magellan Straits, along with Ann and our family of four young children. In 1981 we returned to England, where I became the pastor of a small independent church near High Wycombe for the next 12 years. I supplemented my income first as a part-time groundsman and then as a full time research engineer at a local company specializing in the use of timber in construction. During a second full-time career of 20 years culminating in the position of Senior Engineer I carried out practical and theoretical research, wrote various advisory leaflets and books, and conducted seminars throughout the United Kingdom.

In 1997 I took four years out to learn to learn to write computer software and work as a professional software developer. During that time I produced Captain Cook's Tuck Box, a unique cookery teaching software program for children that was approved by a government quango for use in schools. I then returned to TRADA Technology Ltd to produce engineering design software and finally to write an important manual explaining the European Structural Design Code for Timber.

I had made several brief return visits to Chile and in 1992 I established a charity, Chile for Christ, to support churches, individuals, and the frequent victims of natural disasters in that land. Between 2003 and 2009 I organized a number of fund-raising walks in which I took part. These included climbing the sixteen 3000ft+ peaks in Snowdonia in 24 hours, and all three of the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales also in 24 hours. One fruit of these efforts was financing the building of 8 timber frame houses for indigenous Pehuenche families who lived in great poverty in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

I retired from paid employment in 2007. When I am not trying to keep the garden under control or trying to keep up with an ever-growing mountain of emails, I am spending more and more of my time in writing.

Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health arose from my work on cookery software and from several diet-related illnesses in our family, including my brother-in-law's fatal heart attack at the age of only 40, and thirteen years of my wife's Type 2 diabetes, which was eventually cured after two years on the diet I recommend in the book. I believe that my work in engineering research has enabled me to look objectively at the facts relating to diet and health without automatically accepting as true everything that the government, health-related organizations and food manufacturers would have us believe. My experience as a preacher and lecturer has given me practice in presenting important facts clearly and in an interesting way. I truly believe that families should put into practice all the advice I have given, because to ignore it will inevitably lead to health problems in one form or another, and physical health is our most important possession this side of eternity.

I am a member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, and the Institute of Wood Science.

In 2016 I began writing the Z: The Final Generation and other Christian books. Although I have a university degree in theology and have taught the Bible for many years I had to learn much more as I wrote them. My latest book, God, Science and the Bible, was published in English in March 2020, and is soon to be followed in Spanish. My next book will be a completed novel for New Adults, entitled Unearthly Passion, about a fostered university student who gets into a lot of trouble searching for an identity and love. Look out for it in the summer of 2020!
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