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Cookies are small computer programs that remember information users of a website have entered or options they have selected. The information is stored on the web browser that you use to view a site. ‘Our Website’,, uses a few cookies to provide some essential functionality and to make it easier for you to use it.

1. Cookies used on our website
Strictly Necessary Cookies are used in Our Website for essential functions such as remembering which items you have put into the shopping basket.
Functionality Cookies make it easier for you to use Our Website, but they are not essential for its proper functioning. In Our Website:
    • There is a functionality cookie that remembers whether you have clicked the cookies “Accept” button. Once you have clicked it the cookie banner and button will not be shown again.
    • Another cookie remembers whether you have seen the introductory pop-up with a special offer on it. Once you have seen it, it will not be displayed again.
    • A third cookie remembers information you enter while ordering a product, such as your name and address and your chosen means of postage. As a result, if you visit the website again to order something else, all this information will be pre-entered so that you don’t have to enter it again, thereby saving you time and effort.

2. Accepting or rejecting cookies
2.1 Current legislation requires websites to obtain the agreement of visitors to the use of cookies which store or make use of personal data or selections that visitors enter. That is why we ask you to click the “Accept” button. If you do not accept the use of the cookies as described above then you should leave Our Website.
2.2 Alternatively, if you are happy to accept the use of the Strictly Necessary Cookies but not all the Functionality Cookies you can effectively disable the Functionality Cookies when using certain web browsers, and then your personal data and selections will not be remembered and saved.
    • In Google Chrome select Settings/Privacy and Security/Site Settings/Cookies and Site Data/Clear on exit/Add... Enter ‘’.
    • In Mozilla Firefox select Tools/Options/Privacy & Security/Cookies and Site Data/Manage Permissions/Allow for Session... Enter ‘’.
    • In Opera select Settings (at the foot of the sidebar on the left) /Advanced/Privacy and Security/Site Settings/Cookies and Site Data/Clear Cookies and Site Data when you leave Opera. Note that selecting this option in Opera will affect all the websites that you visit.
If you do one of the above then when you leave the website none of the information or selections you entered will be remembered, so in effect only the Strictly Necessary Cookies will run and you can then legitimately click the “Accept” button, so long as you are willing to accept the Functionality Cookies.
Internet Explorer and Safari browsers currently provide an option to disable all cookies on chosen websites. If you select that option for '' on one of these or any other browser, you can legitimately click the “Accept” button. You will still be able to browse the website but you will not be able to order any books.

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