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Evangelism resources

Spiritual food
Here are some resources you can download and print out to help you in personal evangelism.

Sermon: How to catch fish. A sermon I preached at Elim Hope Church, Lane End, in August 2021.
Gospel pitches. Learn one of these, or better still make up your own and learn it.
First steps. Print out a copy of this and keep it on you for use with a new believer and to give to him as a reminder.

At the time of writing, NIV single Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) can be bought for only 50p each at www.eden.co.uk. If you buy 20 copies you get them post free.

There is a good evangelistic tract written by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, available at the time of writing from www.eden.co.uk.

If you get into a serious conversation about the truth of the Bible vis-a-vis popular science you could always recommend my book God, Science and the Bible.
Fishing in pairs

Arrange to go out with a Christian friend somewhere that you'll find people with time to talk. A park, a pub, a beach, a market place, a riverside, etc.
You don’t have to think, "I am going to try to share the gospel with someone.” Thinking like that can be quite scary. All you have to do instead is to decide that you are going to start talking to someone. If you care for people and their salvation, it really shouldn't be too difficult to reach a point in conversation with them when you can ask a question like one of the following:

“What do you believe about God?”
“What do you know about Jesus?”
"What do you think is the main problem with the world?"
“Do you know why Jesus Christ had to die?”
"Suppose there really is a God and he offered to answer one prayer that you made to him. What would it be? Seriously."
"What is the best news you could ever receive?" You could follow that up with, “I have some even better news for you.”

Just get talking to people. That’s how Jesus began when he met the Samaritan woman at the well of Sychar. Start a conversation, and see where the Holy Spirit leads you. If you have prepared yourself and your own personal explanation of the gospel as suggested in the downloadable gospel pitches, if you have a companion with you, and if you have both prayed for the Spirit’s help before you set out, you’ll be more than fully equipped to be an effective witness to the Lord.

Be open to the possibility of offering to pray for them. When Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs it was to announce that the kingdom was near and to pray for the sick. And keep open to the possibility that the Holy Spirit may give you a word of knowledge or prophecy for the people you talk to.
Telephone scammers

If you are sure that the person speaking to you is a conscious scammer, I recommend the following, which I plan to use next time it happens.

This sounds serious. Just let me find a pen. What is your name, by the way?
Before you continue, ........., may I say something? It will only take a minute.
......, when you die, that will not be the end of you. God’s word says, It is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgement. God has appointed a day of judgement when all liars and thieves will be brought back to life and will be severely punished, unless they have repented and made amends for their actions while they are still alive.
God made you for better things than this, ......... He loves you, and if you will give up this dishonesty and submit to his son Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour he will happily forgive you and will even give you everlasting life in the new earth to come. So get an honest job, ......, and begin a new life with Jesus as your boss. You can have either a wonderful life or a terrible death.  Which is it going to be?
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