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Tell me about the Holy Spirit

You can buy the paperback edition post free here on this website by clicking the green 'Add' button below, or from an online bookshop such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It is also available as a Kindle Ebook and an Epub Ebook.
Published in September 2021, Tell me about the Holy Spirit is packed with teaching, personal anecdotes, and encouragement to Christians to be filled with the Spirit as Jesus himself was.

Tell me about the Holy Spirit has left me convicted and eager to walk more closely in step with the Spirit, open to what He intends to do in and through me.
Andy Geers, Creator of the PrayerMate app, and nephew of the author
This is the best book on the Holy Spirit I have ever read. Brilliant!
Rev. Gregory Hargrove, J.P., a retired Free Methodist Minister

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By Arnold V Page
Books for Life Today, Sept 2021
ISBN 978-1-91612-135-5
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Paperback 124 pages
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Jamie Michele
2021-09-20 15:59:10
Tell Me About the Holy Spirit: How to be filled with love, joy, peace and power, and extend the Kingdom of God by Arnold V Page is an inspirational theological resource intent on bridging the gap between the desire to fulfill the command in Ephesians and truly surrendering to inhale spiritually. The book begins with Page's brief testimony of his own true-life experiences, and then progresses by section, broken down into eleven distinct and wholly immersive chapters. The entirety of the text is firmly rooted in scripture, which is presented in context and in an approachable and comfortable narrative that is among the most comprehensive that I've come across.

Tell Me About the Holy Spirit is more than just a source for motivation. What Arnold V Page has written is what I can only really describe as an instruction manual. It is a road map to aid waylaid readers in the direction of God's fullness through faith; not because we deserve it, but because it has been promised to us. I admit that speaking in tongues has been more of a source of intrigue to me than something I wholeheartedly desired, but chapter four shifted this outlook. With the comfort of a friend having a conversation, Page details his experience in a compelling way. What joy it brings to read of those touched beyond his own household, and that such incidents have not been isolated to a single experience. I nearly cried as the physical feeling is described; an emotional response to a gorgeous experience. I feel blessed to have had this book fall into my lap, an event that was not coincidental.
Jamie Michele for
Paul Harvey
2021-09-20 15:52:31
Brilliantly clear and concise practical Biblical teaching.
Steve Mullins
2021-09-20 15:51:16
An easy to read, challenging, informative book that helps us to understand the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. A book not only to read but to put into practice!
Steve Mullins - Steve Mullins Evangelistic Ministries
Ian Allingham
2021-09-20 15:50:20

This book is recommended for new and ‘old’ Christians alike, from any denomination. It is written from extensive study and real personal experience in accordance with the Word of God (Scripture). It is only the Holy Spirit that can break down the walls of denomination and tradition within our churches and give true unity; this book provides the guidelines. A worthy addition to any library.
Melanie Harvey
2021-09-20 15:49:19
much I enjoyed reading your book on the Holy Spirit. It was easy to read and followed a very logical order. I found it thorough in its explanations and I enjoyed reading about your personal experiences of the Holy Spirit. It is an excellent resource for both new and long-standing Christians.
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