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Tell me about the Holy Spirit

Tell me about the Holy Spirit book cover
Due for publication in May or June 2021, Tell me about the Holy Spirit is a 100-page book packed with teaching, personal anecdotes, and encouragement to Christians to be filled with the Spirit as Jesus himself was.
Rev. David Hathaway D.D., the President of Eurovision Mission to Europe, wrote:
I enjoyed reading this book and can highly recommend it. It is a must read for the sceptic but also for those who believe that they have received the Holy Spirit and yet lack the full experience as evidenced in the Acts of the Apostles. So many claim to have received the Holy Spirit, yet lack any real evidence.  This book will help them to find what they are searching for.

Rev. Gregory Hargrove, J.P., a retired Free Methodist Minister, wrote,
This is the best book on the Holy Spirit I have ever read. Brilliant!

Keep looking here for news of the publication date and when pre-publication ordering starts at a reduced price.


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Rev Scott Pash
2021-04-12 19:46:16
There are many books out there trying to explain and introduce The Holy Spirit. I have found many to be wordy and overly complicated. Finally, there is a book that is easy to read, flows nicely, and seeks to help the reader find ways to not just get to know the Holy Spirit, but encounter the Holy Spirit. There are eleven chapters that build on each other providing engaging knowledge from the Bible alongside life experiences that make this a must-read. It is hard to believe that contained in a small book (100 pages), that a comprehensive ideology of the Holy Spirit could be so eloquently delivered. Yet Arnold does it so well. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Rev. Scott Pash - Minister of Elim Hope Church: Lane End
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