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The Date of Christ's Return

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A fascinating and remarkable portrayal of the world’s entire timeline in one cohesive, panoramic form, from a Biblical perspective. It’s a beacon of light in the darkness that will help us prepare for what’s coming.
Raju Chacko, for
I became more and more eager to keep reading – like a very good detective novel. The book weaves together lots of threads into a strong cord that has the power to lift all of us into a new or fresh appreciation of Jesus’s work on our behalf and his promise of life beyond our earthly one.
Tony Corris, Christian believer in his retirement years.

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By Arnold V Page
Books for Life Today, March 2022
ISBN 978-1-91612-132-4
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Paperback 270 pages
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2022-05-03 14:41:17
Are you interested in knowing the major events preceding Christ’s return or curious to know if this will be the last generation before the final judgment? You need not look any further because The Date of Christ's Return by Arnold V Page is the perfect book for you. It is no secret that there have been different unfulfilled predictions and claims regarding the coming of Christ and different biblical verses asserting that the year and day of the Lord’s coming are uncertain. However, in this essential book, the author will prove that Jesus intends for the world to become aware of the date of his coming while the End time draws near. At the end of this book, the readers will know the coming of the Lord is imminent and inevitable. While this news ought to excite us, it does present a very important question: Are we prepared for the Lord’s coming?

Arnold V Page is a minister and Bible teacher who wrote this book to focus our thoughts on the second coming of the Lord, which is prophesied in the Bible. He begins this book with different world trends and significant biblical events that point toward a particular year as the year of Christ’s return. No need to give out spoilers at this point, though, is there? Pick this book if you are curious to discover the forecasted year of Christ’s return.

This book has a lot of positive aspects. It has answers to questions like; why did Christ delay his return during the apostles’ lifetime? What is the difference between the first resurrection and the second? The references to biblical verses, Muslim texts, and early Jewish books make it difficult to doubt the facts presented in this book. I liked that the author slipped his personal experiences and those of others in order to demonstrate God’s love and explain better the penalty of not heeding God’s instructions. This will definitely attract people who tend to be more open to authentic personal stories than mere faith teachings.

Contrary to the title, this book covers more than just the date of Christ’s return. It has a lot to say about early Jewish festivals and their fulfillment in the life of Christ, the earth’s age, significant events in the Bible, and many tragedies that are unfolding around the world. What I really loved about this book was the author’s in-depth interpretation of the prophesies surrounding the important events of the end time. For example, in annex three, there was a rich and comprehensive explanation of two verses in Revelation regarding the punishment for worshippers of the beast.

This book also addressed biblical passages that might seem inconsistent or contradictory to other passages. I will urge the readers of this book not to ignore the information provided at the bottom of some pages. It will enlighten the readers about the identity of the true final pope, possible writers of the book of Hebrews, and many other important details.

I do not have anything negative to say about this book. I only discovered a few errors while reading this book; this is proof that it was professionally edited and well written. Overall, this is a good and enlightening Christian book that will increase your faith and Bible knowledge, pinpoint the exact date of the Lord’s coming, and transform you into a true believer of Christ. For these reasons, I rate this book four out of four stars. I recommend this book to people who are skeptical or confused about Christ’s second coming. Anyone who is interested in knowing the final events of the end time or the preparations to make before the final judgment will find this book very helpful.
J Saunders
2022-04-22 08:19:46
‘The Date of Christ’s Return’ by Arnold V Page @ £10.99. Arnold, an old friend, was a minister for 25 years in both the Methodist & Evangelical churches. He is the author of ‘God, Science and the Bible’. He also founded the charity ‘Chile for Christ’
This book is a serious study of the Bible as a whole, and in particular the book of Revelation. It‘s an easy read when you consider the complexities of the word of God. It does answer many important questions, six of them in a major way (you will need to read the book to find out which ones!) This new book is not a scare tactic but an encouraging reminder of the sustaining power of God through all eternity! For me it does seem to clarify many of the questions that most churches seem to avoid. It‘s a helpful book which must have taken a great deal of time to write and research.
Manager, Rugby Christian Bookshop.
Tony Corris
2022-03-01 12:23:20
Such an impressive book. It clearly lays out, how the bible provides genuine predictions concerning Jesus’s return, and, what that will mean for all of us.

Arnold Page’s writing is well argued and full of references which validate his understanding. I found it easy to read because the seriousness of the subject was not overpowering and he has added some wry humour in appropriate places. I became more and more eager to keep reading – like a very good detective novel, I wanted to find out what was coming next. I have to say the climax is not disappointing.

The book weaves together lots of threads into a strong cord that has the power to lift all of us into a new or fresh appreciation of Jesus’s work on our behalf and his promise of life beyond our earthly one.
Raju Chacko
2022-03-01 12:22:03
When nature begins to rebel in open view and on a scale of such alarming proportions as we witness today, can there be any doubt that it’s sending out a looming, sinister message to everyone living? One that plainly and bluntly says: “The end of life is approaching. How will you face it?”

The Date of Christ’s Return by Arnold V Page starts by discussing around ten key early warning signs that point to serious trouble coming on Earth in the not-too-distant future. His analysis is based on recent facts/data obtained from renowned organizations like the UN, leading universities, The World Wildlife Fund, etc. To this, he adds relevant historical events, dates, and figures, going all the way back to the creation of Earth. For the future, he fills in Biblical prophecy. Then, going back and forth on the timeline, linking events, he weaves what you could call a “complete story of the world, from creation to its end (i.e. hundreds of years into the future).” The result is a fascinating and remarkable portrayal of the world’s entire timeline in one cohesive, panoramic form, from a Biblical perspective.

Besides being a clergyman, the author is an engineer and hence, one who is rooted in solid, practical science, apart from religion. If we lay aside the parts taken/derived from the Bible for a moment, you’ll find his approach faultlessly logical and scientific. Further, the book contains the reasoning behind his conclusions, so there’s little doubt left about the soundness of his claims. As a reviewer, I readily endorse his view that we are indeed heading towards the end of life as we have known it. When exactly? is the only question that may remain open for debate.

There being irrefutable evidence about cataclysmal trouble coming upon the world, we can and must prepare to meet a future that will be gloomy, and sinister. There’ll be poverty, starvation, the appearance of new killer diseases, mass deaths, war, and lots more. It’s against a backdrop of such gloom and tragedy that this book assumes prominence. It’s a beacon of light in the darkness that would help us prepare for what’s coming.

This book is well-written, and the styling, formatting, and overall appearance are good. It’s written in fairly simple (British) English and is enjoyable to read. As one would expect in a book of its kind, there are several tables, footnotes, and appendices of info in it that add substance and a degree of authority to it.

The right audience for this book is anyone concerned about the world’s future. That means everyone, but we have to except children, the elderly, and others who might not be able to rightly value it. I recommend it to futurists, scientists, the religious, seers, prophets, and heads of government. In addition, I recommend it to heads of family units: they could read it and pass the word to their family members. Doubtless, Christians will enjoy it most. However, regardless of your religion/value system, I would urge you to read this book, as you may be able to use its wealth of well-researched basic data/info in many ways that are useful to you.
Emma Megan
2022-03-01 12:20:14
Arnold V Page, a Methodist minister and pastor of an Evangelical Free Church with university degrees in engineering and theology, is the author of The Date of Christ's Return, an interesting Christian non-fiction book. Even though there were frequent predictions concerning the return of Christ throughout history, Arnold V Page adds yet another prediction. In The Date of Christ's Return, he presents his long-held belief that we can anticipate the end of times with the help of the Holy Bible, and especially the book of Revelation. Arnold V Page believes that Jesus is coming very shortly, a belief that is supported by our living times, which he considers are historically unique. Thus, his interpretations can help us prepare for Christ's return.

The Date of Christ's Return by Arnold V Page is a thoughtful, helpful book. I appreciate Arnold V Page for offering such solid reasons to believe that the world is speedily coming to an end without inflicting fear. As a Christian, I understand the importance of such an extraordinary book that contains interpretations of all prophecies in the Holy Bible; it encourages us to remain vigilant and prepare for Jesus's return, now more than ever. The Date of Christ's Return gave me reasons to accept that the suffering and atrocities on this Earth are, in fact, the results of sin and the actions of evildoers rather than the absence of God. I highly recommend it as it contains helpful answers to many questions about the world's ending and the life to come.
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