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Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health

By Arnold V Page (Author)
Publisher: New Generation Publishing (December 2014)
ISBN-13: 978-1-785071-775
£12.00 + FREE UK delivery
Paperback: 318 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 18.9 x 1.8 x 24.6 cm
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£ 12.99
80 years ago the rampant epidemics of obesity, coronary heart disease  and Type 2 diabetes hardly existed. So why did they start? And why does  no one seem able to bring them to an end? Twenty-First Century Nutrition  and Family Health finally provides the answers.
Meticulously  researched from over 500 scientific papers, convincingly argued and  engagingly written, research scientist Arnold Page dissects the  mistakes, misrepresentations and vested interests that are costing the  UK over £55 billion a year in healthcare and lost productivity. He then  demonstrates how any family can enjoy good food and good health without  spending a fortune in time or money. All parents concerned for the  present and future health of their families need to read this  ground-breaking book while there is still time to act.

Discover, among many other things:
  * the shocking truth about sugar
  * three major causes of heart disease and how to eliminate all three
  * how to lose weight and keep it off without feeling hungry
  * a common drink that reduces stress levels and the risk of strokes and other diseases
  * how you and your kids can get a good night's sleep and stop feeling so tired
  * how to keep your children's teeth totally free from decay and dental fluorosis
  * the 25:45:30 Natural Health Diet
  * how your whole family can learn to enjoy taking exercise and become super-fit
  * a comprehensive manual for family health.

I’m very impressed. Brilliant! Dr David Walton, MBBS

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Elizabeth Chapman
2016-05-23 16:51:45
(A further review after reading it!) This is an eye-opening, really interesting book which shows that, what we have been told over recent decades about what is good or bad for us to eat, is highly questionable. It shows that our bodies need saturated fat; bacon, sausages, eggs, cheese, whole milk, butter and even lard are good for us (obviously in moderation and not all together). Arnold Page highlights the research and shows how misinterpretations, and maybe some vested interests, have resulted in the wrong advice being given, and this has led to various diseases and obesity. He explains, in an interesting way, what happens inside our bodies when we eat certain foods. With all the diseases and the obesity epidemic at the moment, I would urge people to read this book, especially for the sake of the younger generation growing up. I have given copies to my family.
Since reading this book I have lost my 'sweet tooth' and lost some weight without really trying.
Gregory Hargrove
2016-03-15 09:57:37
(A further review which was part of my Christmas family and friends newsletter this month.) This book really opened our eyes to the way the food industry funds and thus controls virtually all food research and government (non) action for its benefit and not for the consumers’. Jenny now buys and cooks in a significantly different way and we are the healthier for it. The book also had advice on exercise and so I started the NHS “Couch to 5k” running plan and also static exercises. Later on we had a fortnight away and by mistake I took only 1 week’s supply of cramp and stomach ache pills. By the end of the holiday neither problem reoccurred. I left them off for another few weeks then checked with my GP. She said that the exercise would have stopped the cramps (I’d had them for about 10 years) and the change of diet could have helped too, and the change of diet would have stopped the stomach aches (nearly 4 years) and the exercise could have helped too. I then decided to stop taking paracetamol every day (for about 10 years to ease arthritis aches in my neck and shoulders). No reoccurrence either! I enjoy my morning runs, feel heathier than I have for years and certainly don’t feel my age, 78.
Gregory Hargrove
2016-03-15 09:57:07
This book was a real eye opener. The food industry and some of our politicians even, have a lot to answer for. I didn't know that most of the food "research" carried out by "independent " organisations is funded by food manufacturers. So don't be surprised at the results!
My wife and I have put a lot of this book's food advice into practice and I've also taken the book's advice about exercise. I'm now following the NHS "Couch to 5 K plan". I've got my weight down to the middle of my BMI range, stopped taking 2 different medicines (with my GP's approval of course) one for cramps and one for stomach aches and am feeling much, much better for it. Every family should have a copy. I bought copies for my children.
Anne Dean
2016-03-15 09:16:46
This is a truly excellent book, well written but more importantly with content that can be life changing. Apparently 700 people per day are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes - if that is you then just read this book.... How many people suffer from heart disease - millions - if that is you then just read the book. But as well as these hugely life changing chapters the book also helps you avoid teeth decay and get a better night's sleep. And this isn't something written by an enthusiastic 'quack' - it is all based on solid science from a recognised research scientist. If the NHS were able to give out and make all their patients read this book within 12 months I firmly believe that we would not have a health service funding crisis...
Malcolm Greenwood
2016-03-15 09:15:51
This book was a very interesting read, and easy to understand. It was very revealing, and subsequently we have changed our diet. We eat butter instead of spreads. it is so much nicer, and better for you, much to our surprise. We eat fish twice a week, and have stopped buying orange juice and drink water instead. We have also started exercising regularly and feel much better for it.
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