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Unearthly Passion

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Unearthly Passion, written under my pen name Vincy Page, is a unique novel for New Adults aged 18 to 28. In her search for meaning, identity and love, fostered student Natalie Parsons gets into terrible scrapes during her geophysics course at Edinburgh University, until God eventually works a miracle in her life to rescue her from disaster.

Unearthly Passion provides an ideal preparation for young people about to enter university, and for youngish adults who are thinking about the purpose of life on earth, or whether God is real and can be known personally.

A novel for New Adults by Vincy Page
Paperback: 390 pages
Publisher: Books for Life Today
October 2020
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-9161213-0-0
Product Dimensions: 14.0 x 2.2 x 21.5 cm
Price Valid Until 31-Dec-2021
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£ 9.95
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Average Vote: 154.8/5
Ray Simmons
2020-11-07 18:14:35
I liked Unearthly Passion by Vincy Page. I loved the protagonist Natalie Parsons. Her quest for answers is a very real thing. In many ways it reminded me of my younger self, seeking answers to questions that ultimately just can’t be answered with any kind of satisfying certainty. To be honest, I had forgotten that I had searched for these answers during my teens and young adult years. I simply pushed those memories down deep into my subconscious. They seemed to have little to do with making a living and getting along in the real world. But questions about God and the best way to live my life were very important to me back then, and as I read about Natalie’s journey, as she asked herself those very same questions, it made me realize that I’m not alone in asking these questions or in not finding any definite answers. These questions are important to everyone at some point in their life. That is why books like Unearthly Passion are important. I think the approach that Vincy Page takes in Unearthly Passion is what impressed me the most. The first-person account of a young girl who, while not abused, was not exactly loved is ideal in shining the spotlight on teen angst as well as those years of searching and experimentation that make up our twenties. Natalie is a young Caucasian woman who grew up in Great Britain and goes to university in Scotland, but her experiences with her foster parents, religion, sex, and drugs were relevant and eerily similar to mine, an African American man. I found this fascinating and it gave me hope that we are all more similar than different after all. If Unearthly Passion can do this for even a few more people, it is a book worth writing and reading.
2020-10-05 18:55:51
This is a great book for those getting ready to leave home and head for university. It makes you think about what really matters when pressures come from every angle. (Amazon reviewer)
Rev Gregory Hargrove JP
2020-09-29 10:11:32
An exceptionally frank and honest account of a thoroughly plausible young woman's experiences of life in the UK today and how, through all the excesses of alcohol and sexual encounters and the pain and struggles which inevitably follow, she finds the peace that can only come through knowing God personally. It also confronts head on the atheistic account of creation which our children are being taught, but which has no scientific basis whatsoever. Yes! Read the book and see for yourself! I only wish that every pastor, parent, teacher, social worker and indeed anyone interested in truth and morality, as I am, would read this excellent book.
Edith Wairimu
2020-09-29 09:30:59
Told in an engaging first-person point of view, Unearthly Passion by Vincy Page tells the inspiring story of Natalie Parsons. The work is fictional and it seeks to prove the existence of God through lively discussions of the earth’s possible origin. Through Natalie’s experiences, the transformative power of the Gospel is also revealed. In the story, Natalie cannot wait to leave home for university. As a foster child, Natalie has never felt like she fitted in her current home. Her foster parents have raised her in a strict and conservative environment, the very setting she cannot stand anymore. Life at university is thrilling, adventurous and unrestrained. She has all the freedom she has ever craved. Natalie is, however, unprepared for the responsibilities that accompany such independence. The perspective from which Unearthly Passion is written makes the work feel personal. It brings Natalie’s thoughts and perceptions into closer focus, which makes her appear real. Natalie is also flawed which is evidenced by her poor judgments along the way. This adds to her authenticity as a character. The plot uses dialogues effectively to tackle a technical topic on the origin of the earth through creation without sounding dogmatic. Natalie’s growth through the plot is inspiring and is also emotive. Her painful background of abandonment explains her search for freedom and love. Supporting characters are also well-developed. They are unique in their development and they help move the work forward. Unearthly Passion by Vincy Page is uplifting through its powerful lessons.
K C Finn
2020-09-29 09:25:06
Unearthly Passion is a challenging work of new adult fiction penned by author Vincy Page. Focusing on the themes of student life in Great Britain, personal life choices, their consequences, and the possibility of coming to religion in the form of committing to Jesus Christ, this is a deep and insightful narrative about morality and human nature. Natalie Parsons comes from a difficult background, desperate for loving affection, friendship, and acceptance. At university, she rebels at the first chance she gets, beginning a tale of decision-making that leads her into a deepening spiral. The promise of God seems like her only way out, and it then becomes a question of whether she can take that path or not. Taking the biblical themes of temptation and sin into a modern context, there is much observation of the modern world in Vincy Page’s work which is sad, but true. The narrative style keeps things open, neither condemning nor vindicating Natalie’s initial actions, or those of the friends she makes along the way at Edinburgh University. The cultural references to Great Britain, and particularly the Scottish drinking culture, are harrowingly accurate, and the message of hope provided by the acceptance of Jesus Christ is clear and to the point. At times, this feels more like a story intended for discussion than one to be read for entertainment, but that holds its own value in the hands of the right audience. Overall, Unearthly Passion will provide a thought-provoking read for many young people about to enter this part of their lives.
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