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Z: Answers for the Final Generation

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By Arnold V Page (Author)
Publisher: WestBow Press (August 2018)
ISBN-13: 978-1973630234
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Paperback: 206 pages
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 1.1 x 20.3 cm
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How can the Bible be correct when it tells us that the world is only 6,000 years old? Does the fossil record really support the theory of evolution? Was Jesus mistaken when he said that he would return within the lifetime of his hearers? Will unbelievers be tortured in flames forever by an unmerciful God?
In this companion to Z: The Final Generation, research scientist and theologian Arnold V Page answers these and other questions with original and convincing logic.

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Average Vote: 124.5/5
Darin Godby
2019-05-02 20:17:00
Z: Answers for the Final Generation is a fascinating and challenging book for anyone interested in end time events. Author Arnold V Page challenges the reader with viewpoints that are backed up with time-based events and scriptures. There is an excellent discussion concerning the first humans, the creation of events, the flood and so much more that leads toward the end time discussion of what has and will take place before the return of Christ. Many pages are used to look at various time frames, wording and how events take place. Did they occur as presented, was it symbolism or did a portion of it come true but not all of it?

Arnold V Page says something of great interest: “To be honest it is not strictly true to talk about a Plan A and a Plan B. There was only one plan, but it had several stages.” Could it be that we think regarding either, rather than multiple events/stages? The reader will stretch their thinking with this material, giving them the opportunity to be more open-minded as to how and why events have and will occur. This book is very detailed and would be good to use in a seminary class, but may be a touch deep for the average reader to truly understand. A remarkable way to end the book is with the call to “Begin a new life here and now.” Arnold V Page invites the reader to receive Jesus Christ into their life and begin a relationship with Him that will last for eternity. For those who want a challenge or want to use it in a discussion group, this would be a fantastic book.
Neil A White
2019-05-02 20:15:56
Z: Answers for the Final Generation is an intriguing piece of analytical and thought-provoking work by Arnold V. Page. Within, he discusses some of the bedrock principles of the Bible and explains why they should be believed as factual and historically correct. An imposing undertaking, but Arnold V. Page is more than up to the task. Beginning with the Book of Genesis and the Earth’s creation, to the Great Flood, and on through to his interpretation of the afterlife, Mr. Page crafts a scientific-based model to align the Bible’s teachings with known scientific methods – carbon dating, etc. – to reconcile two seemingly polar opposite viewpoints.

In an impressive piece of deduction, Arnold V. Page crafts a mathematical hypothesis to explain the contraction of time to fit the Bible’s teaching that Earth could have been created in six days. And in explaining the Great Flood, he makes a compelling case by linking together various ancient recollections of the event with a science-based model disputing the means by which we date objects. Arnold V. Page’s use of analytical models and extensive research is to be highly commended. However – and if I may use an analogy here – his conclusions will be either preaching to the converted or have the effect of shouting into a hurricane. Then again, if you find yourself struggling to make sense of today’s world, perhaps Arnold V. Page has the answers you are seeking. For as Arnold V. Page states: “... through the power of multiplication … If each disciple could convert just one person per year, within a generation …”
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